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Re: [tlug] Install Win 7 under VMware [Solved?]

On 2015/11/18 20:35, CL wrote:

On 11/18/2015 08:04 PM, Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
I just looked at the disk with a file manager: There are 25 language
packs included! However, in the "boot" folder, only English is
present. Is there maybe a slick way to either replace the English
language pack, or else add Japanese to that folder? Most likely I
cannot write into the DVD.
Can you use Windows Update from the Start menu to select and install
additional language packs from the DVD?  How about from the Windows
Update website?
Sorry for the commotion (again).
Never mind. Maybe I figured out how to calm the machine down.
Besides setting LANGUAGE, KEYBOARD LAYOUT + STYLE to "Japan",
there is also a setting "change locale" - which I did not notice/find before.
Tinkering with that probably solved the main problem.

What remains is the fact, that the PC currently does not accept a Japanese KB layout,
but that is Windows stuff and does not belong here.

Thank you.

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