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Re: [tlug] Install Win 7 under VMware

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 06:45:21PM +0900, Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
> I have VMware Player on 2 Mint 17.2 (and 1 xubuntu) machine installed.
> Having already installed my old Windowx XP there without any problem, I
> thought, I might give Windows 7 a try.
> I did not do so before, because I suspected, the software will complain
> about "licence" problems (it is installed on a notebook).
> I used this very "Reinstallation DVD" (Windows 7 Professional) to
> reinstall the system 2-3 times on a Dell Vostro notebook
> over the last 5-6 years.
> I NEVER had any choice regarding the installation language. It was
> always Japanese.
> When I installed the same system under VMware, it suddenly is English
> and causes a lot of problems with Japanese.
> During the installation I never got any choice as to what language I
> want to install.

I think BIOS/Firmware is used by the installer.  The VM is not
reaching through the one from the notebook but emulating one - without
that special data the Windows installer is searching for. 


Has anybody noticed that Fedora is not shipping with KVM capable
of providing UEFI guests out of the box?  ยง$%! licence things are
preventing from this beeing part of Fedora directly.
I wonder what we will end up with, some minimal Linux just with
a "curl", and then one has to fetch all parts manually just to get
a useful system?

> Is there a trick to do this?
> Maybe unrelated, but interesting:
> My version is Windows 7 Professional. That is what the label on teh DVD
> says.
> Googling showed, that this version DOES NOT allow the installtion of the
> Japanese language pack.
> Only Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise can do that.
> So, I "reinstalled", choosing "Ultimate" as version.
> Installs just fine. Also allows installation of the Japanese language
> pack*, an option that was not available with Professional.
> Apparently, this one DVD contains all "versions".
> * However, this does not solve my problems ...
> Thomas
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