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Re: [tlug] Install Win 7 under VMware

On 2015/11/18 18:45, Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
I used this very "Reinstallation DVD" (Windows 7 Professional) to
reinstall the system 2-3 times on a Dell Vostro notebook
over the last 5-6 years.
I NEVER had any choice regarding the installation language. It was
always Japanese.
When I installed the same system under VMware, it suddenly is English
and causes a lot of problems with Japanese.
During the installation I never got any choice as to what language I
want to install.

Is there a trick to do this?

I just looked at the disk with a file manager:
There are 25 language packs included!
However, in the "boot" folder, only English is present.
Is there maybe a slick way to either replace the English language pack, or else add Japanese to that folder?
Most likely I cannot write into the DVD.

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