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Re: [tlug] [CFP] Call for presenters - September 12 Technical Meeting

Maybe it is simply because people are still on vacation and proposals may come in next week.

However, if nobody has anything to offer, I could prepare a presentation about coroutines.

Coroutines are a multi-threading model that is a highly scalable alternative to preemptive threads. There is an interesting paper called "Revisiting Coroutines" by De Moura and Ierusalimschy of the Polytechnic University of Rio de Janeiro, and of Lua fame. We used this paper to redesign coroutines in Modula-2. I could show how coroutines differ from preemptive threads and what kind of support there is in different languages.

On 26 August 2015 at 23:41, A.Tomita <> wrote:
> our next Technical Meeting will be held on September 12 (Saturday), at IIJ
> if you are working on any personal or professional project, or just have anything interesting you'd like to present, please let us know!

no responses so far... and no new posts in the ML?
is there anyone out there?

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