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Re: [tlug] linuxcon2k15 thoughts & topics, 3

On Sat, 6 Jun 2015 00:43:19 +0200
Christian Horn <> wrote:

> # xen server booth 
> Apparently the proprietary nvidia drivers do now allow 
> "partitioning", so multiple xen guests on a hyper-
> visor can share nvidia graphical cores.  Interesting
> this first appears for xen and not kvm..

Fellow Chris, Wie geht's? Domo arigato gozaimashita Ohta-San, Miura-San
for your valuable input. Thank you all for comments.

Your update from LinuxCon/JP2k15 is much appreciated. Glad to learn
that you had a nice time there. Please share your photos as usual if
you can, Chris.

From "XenServer" I suppose you mentioned Citrix's, correct? They're
fully open-source nowadays too. I use them extensively since 2010

On the "BTRFS" deal, Am I reading right you fear it "crashes before
taking off" so to speak? I mean, people will be discouraged to early
adopt it. Sure it needs very large deployments for tweaks and
corrections but that's it. Do you think fellow "SUSE" guys will back
down after "BTRFS" being the default file system for "OpenSUSE". No, I
don't think so.

Am I being stupid to think the great people out at ORACLE and FUJITSU
desperately need "BTRFS for LinuxWorld" as an alternative to "ZFS"
for BSD? Before flaming me:

Sincerely hope I see you all in the second semester in Asia. Or at some
Alpine setting in Southern Bavaria. Either will do.

Vielen Dank. Fernando.

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