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[tlug] linuxcon2k15 thoughts & topics, 3

# fujitsu, live migration with pci-passthrough devices
Smart.  pci-passthrough devices can not be migrated,
only (slow) paravirt-devices.  Solution: create pci-
passthrough and para-device for a guest.  Before mi-
gration switch traffic to para-device.
First patchset April 2015 committed, still under dis-
cussion (desirable feature, but no libvirt implementation
and bad error handling as of current implementation)
TODO: let stefanha know

# Marc Merlin: docker.
No big news.  slides:

# xen server booth 
Apparently the proprietary nvidia drivers do now allow 
"partitioning", so multiple xen guests on a hyper-
visor can share nvidia graphical cores.  Interesting
this first appears for xen and not kvm..

# intel power driver: 
acpi_cpufreq _seemed_ to allow specific freq pinning, 
but did lie to you.  intel_pstate is more honest.



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