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Re: [tlug] Autostarting Skype -- UPDATE

On 05/12/2015 08:11 PM, Darren Cook wrote:
So, if you set up a desktop shortcut to run a bash command that starts
Skype, instead of Skype directly, maybe it will work for you?
Okay, I'll try that ...
I'd go with Vitalie's solution: same basic idea, but it sounds less
hacky :-)

Vitalie's idea made some things work better even though the net result wasn't complete success. Thanks for the good idea as progress was made -- for smaller, but measurable values of "progress."

On the minus side, the changes to skype.conf did not open a stable working session of the program.

On the plus side, though, leaving the altered skype.conf in place and starting manually creates a skype session that is noticeably more stable and the configuration changes made to audio input / output by pavucontrol stick and don't change between active sessions like they did before.

Now, if it were only a one-click loader thingy ... cue the Rolling Stones ...


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