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[tlug] Autostarting Skype

Okay, let's start by saying that I need Skype with Chat and Video capabilities.  Yeah, the Linux version is a POS, but the Debian site's simple dismissal of the program and a suggestion to install some other FOSS program doesn't cut it.  I've got several dozen clients for whom Skype is a defacto standard and shouldn't be forced to change or add another program for just me (translation: I can't ask them to learn another program just for me and expect to keep their business).

On Debian Jessie amd64, Skype is i386 and has to be installed multiarch. And, after installation, Skype wouldn't start.  So, I went off to do something else and, after entering root, received the following message:

/usr/bin/skype: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

which refers to a problem caused when you switch from the free "nouveau" driver for nvidia to the non-free one which also relocates a bunch of files. Everyone else on the planet, except Microsoft has a way around that you never see or have to think about.  The fix for Skype is to enter the following from the command line as root:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/mesa-diverted/i386-linux-gnu/ /usr/bin/skype &

after which Skype just appears on my desktop. And the error message just keeps popping up every time you drop into root, but I was warned about that, and it seems to affect nothing else.


Okay, right now, when I start Debian, I have to open LibreOffice, call up the document where I saved the path statement and do a cut & paste into an open Terminal to start Skype.  What I'd really like to do is click on the large, friendly Skype icon and have that happen automatically.  I keep seeing references to this being automate-able but can find no "For Idiots" type of instruction on how to write a script file for this. 

Anyone either got a URL or the patience for instructions on how to accomplish this?


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