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[tlug] [update] May 23rd Technical Meeting

updated agenda for this Saturday:

> -=-=-=- Announcement: May 23, 2015 TLUG Technical Meeting -=-=-=-=-
> Meeting information
>    Date:  May 23, 2015 (Saturday)
>    Time:  13:00-16:30  
>    Place: Gotanda Culture Center, Meeting Room #2 
>           6-5-1 Nishi-Gotanda
>           Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
>    Presentations:

1. Modula-2 revision project (by Benjamin Kowarsch)

[Modula-2] is a type safe systems programming language of the Pascal family (

Over the last five years, Benjamin Kowarsch and Rick Sutcliffe have done a complete revision and modernisation of the language. The goal was to have a type safe systems programming language that is readable for ease of code maintenance, relatively small for verifiability and to reduce the learning curve for developers, but structurally similar enough to C so that it can be a complete but type safe replacement for C.

Benjamin will introduce the classic Modula-2 language in brief and the transformation to the revised language. He will present select use cases in classical Modula-2 and in C and show how type safety in the revised language can solve security issues underlying the use case. Finally, he will talk about the development of his bootstrap compiler as well as upcoming work to support the revised language as a new dialect option in GM2, Gaius Mulley’s Modula-2 front end for GCC.

2. Ansible (by Travis Cardwell)

[Ansible] ( is a relatively new platform for configuration management, but it is already quite popular. It has very few requirements, which makes it easy to try out with little investment. Travis will explain how to get started as well as give some tips about how to get the most out of the platform. 

> Details:
> Other items on the agenda are:
> 1. Introduction of new members, news about Linux/Open Source,
>    general announcements, Q&A
> 2. Auction (bring any gear that would would like to donate to TLUG) 
> All Linux users and supporters of open source code and free software
> are invited to attend this Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG) meeting.
> Membership is open to anyone. There are no membership dues or entrance
> fees.
> After the meeting, we will continue chatting over a few beers.
> About TLUG
> ----------
> TLUG is a non-profit, non-political organization established in June
> of 1994 to exchange information on the use of Linux and Free Software
> Foundation tools. TLUG has an active mailing list, home page, and
> regular physical meetings. Discussions are primarily held in English,
> but non-English speakers are encouraged to come and participate.
> We especially want to encourage Japanese people to attend and will make
> efforts to support a bilingual meeting.
> TLUG generally hosts technical meetings every odd-numbered month on the
> 2nd Saturday, and a nomikai (social even at a pub) every even-numbered
> month on the 2nd Friday.
> The TLUG home page is available at
> For any instructions or info before the meeting:
>      Edward Middleton ............ 090-3689-0292
>      Alberto Tomita   ............ 080-3463-9256

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