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Re: [tlug] Best IME for an "i18n power user" on linux?

On Fri, 24 Apr 2015 21:07:44 +0100
Darren Cook <> wrote:

> I just found some threads from a year ago where the consensus seemed to be:
>   fxitx vs. ibus: no compelling reason to go with one or the other, and
> both being actively developed.

Hmm.. Is there any reason that scim is not on this list?

It works in 99% of the cases for me*.

			Attila Kinali

* there is something weird going on on my laptop. Eventhough scim is
running, i don't get the tray icon, and also switching to scim does
not work. But killing it and restarting again, and it starts...
I haven't had the time to debug it properly, so no clue why.
< _av500_> phd is easy
< _av500_> getting dsl is hard

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