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[tlug] small WiFi access point


I am working on my home WiFi network. Until now, it was managed via a
USB WiFi dongle plugged on my RaspberryPi router, but since it is
unstable[1] I am switching to a stand-alone device dedicated to the
wired->WiFi link. I just want to add the wireless layer to my home
network, with something as simple and small as possible. I don't want
another NAT layer, not a second RaspberryPi, not a big multifunction
device (switch-wifi-router-coffee-machine-whatever), etc.

I tried the Elecom WRH-300[2], and it's very good. Small, low power,
takes RJ45 Ethernet on one side and translates it to WiFi on the
other, with a small web config interface. The only problem is that
it's not supposed to be used over a long distance, and in some corners
of my apartment (reinforced concrete walls..), the signal is too

Do you know other similar devices, but with a stronger signal, maybe a
better antenna?


[1] First, it was difficult to find a dongle whose chipset can wotk in
    access-point mode; then I found few chipsets were supported by
    hostapd, and ofthen not in the version shipped with Raspbian. Then
    I had some problems with (I suppose) unstable or insufficient
    power supplied to the dongle.

Nicolas LIMARE

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