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Re: [tlug] finding a location in Japan on Linux/Android, was: [announcement] March 14 Technical Meeting

> I am using google maps on a browser and on Android.  This is
> compatible with the Linux and Android platforms relevant for
> me, but the address is often not very accurate.

Can you define "often", and give some examples?

I have some functional tests that include some google map lookups
(asserting on the lat/long being returned). When a couple started
asserting I wondered what had changed, so I used the little peg man to
wander around the neighbourhood to find a lamp post and checked the
address. :-) It was correct, so I assume the previous data was bad and
that google is constantly working to improve their data.

Q1. Is there any (easy) way to report mistakes to google maps?

Q2. Same as yours: are there any good alternative APIs?


Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer
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