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Re: [tlug] Looking for Summer Internship in Japan


  I want to reply to the intern-taking aspect of this thread.  Note that I am speaking for myself, and not as a representative of my employer.

On Mar 13, 2015, at 12:39, Raymond Wan <> wrote:

> I'm neither in Japan nor am I in a position to take on interns.  But
> I'm not so sure the lack of a response indicates the poor state of
> programming jobs in Japan.
> Very few places I can think of would be willing to take on an intern
> for 3 months.  The amount of time needed to bring that person "up to
> speed" rarely justifies it.

  Our software development group would welcome an intern for 3 months.  We have had good success with interns in approximately that time frame.  We’re looking for things that are slightly more specific though.  The area that I’m working in, we would be interested in someone who has some relevant experience or background in machine learning, information retrieval, or statistics.  That doesn’t mean industry experience, just maybe a class here or there.

  There are companies out there looking for programmers, and being bilingual can be a big benefit in a multi-national firm.  You might be interested in poking around at some of those.  If you have some particular edge or angle beyond “I can program” that helps a lot too - e.g., look for a particular domain and do some project in that area.  

Dave Kirk Evans
It probably isn’t too hard to figure out where I work, so I’ll stress again that I am not representing my company.  

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