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Re: [tlug] Looking for Summer Internship in Japan

Lyle H Saxon writes:

 > Not to discourage you (I hope you find what you're looking for), but I
 > recently met up with a Japanese acquaintance who has been working as a
 > programmer in Tokyo for about 20 years now.  He has worked on many
 > projects at many major companies and is so discouraged by the state of
 > the programming profession in Japan that he's taken up studying
 > accounting in the hope of escaping programming altogether.  According
 > to him, programming is considered (seriously) one of the ten *worst*
 > jobs in Japan now (by young people entering the job market)!

FWIW, Matz (Yukihiko Matsumoto, founder of the Ruby language) says the
same thing.  *He* fixed his problem by working only at one major
company (*the* major company, the one that makes cars), and being so
sick of it he went off and started his own company.

Come to think of it, maybe you should apply there.  I can't imagine a
more fun place to work (unless you want to make cars in Nagoya, glow
Cherenkov blue in Tokaimura, or get really lucky and work on the next
Kei in Kyoto).  NaCl in Matsue, Shimane (now there's a downside --
it's the prefecture farthest from Tokyo in travel time).

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