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Re: [tlug] Assigning Multiple CPU Cores to a VirtualBox

Travis Cardwell writes:

 > If you are serious about improving performance, do not use VirtualBox.
 > From my experience, VirtualBox is considerably slower than the
 > alternatives, such as VMware and Xen.

Xen is a completely different, rather more complex, soluttion, though,
as it runs under, rather than on top of, the native OS, and (at least
last I looked years ago) requires different versions of the kernel
(even if it's the same OS!) for the host OS (fully privileged) and the

AFAICS Virtual Box is really mostly about a quick way to provision
"student" boxes with turnkey systems.  I find GUI Linuces (Ubuntu,
Fedora) too painful to use when running in Virtual Box on my MacBook
Pro, although the command line is acceptable.  I don't know about
compute-bound processes, though.

I'm not sure about VMware's architecture (which I haven't looked at in
many years, but when I tried it it was a much smoother experience for
the admin new to virtual machines.  If you can pass on the cost to
your client, I would lean in that direction myself.  Even if you
can't, it might well be worth the ease of operation and support from
the vendor.

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