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[tlug] Assigning Multiple CPU Cores to a VirtualBox

Thinking and wondering time which cannot be verified by searching the Oracle site or asking for help there. Maybe someone here knows an answer:

I was looking at ways to speed up the dreadfully slow performance of my WIN7 VBox and tried increasing the number of available cores from one core to four (out of eight) and increasing memory from 1Gb to 4Gb (out of 16). It has seemed to speed up nearly everything in WIN with the exception of multiple-overwrite-of-unused-space HDD cleaning which continues to crawl along but can be lived with. I am not noticing any degrading of performance of my Debian desktops but was wondering whether assigning multiple CPU cores and extra memory in a VBox cedes exclusive full time control of those cores and memory to the VBox. Nothing I can find in the Oracle user information specifically says "No, it doesn't" and the "user community " (sic) is all over the place on what it believes. I _have_ rejected the suggestion to burn dried sage in a dish next to the PC case, though.

Asking because I have a Big Crunchy Project (tm) on the near horizon and didn't want to learn that it did after the fact.


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