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Re: [tlug] Assigning Multiple CPU Cores to a VirtualBox

On 2015年03月01日 10:10, CL wrote:
> I was looking at ways to speed up the dreadfully slow performance of my 
> WIN7 VBox and tried increasing the number of available cores from one 
> core to four (out of eight) and increasing memory from 1Gb to 4Gb (out 
> of 16).  It has seemed to speed up nearly everything in WIN with the 
> exception of multiple-overwrite-of-unused-space HDD cleaning which 
> continues to crawl along but can be lived with.  I am not noticing any 
> degrading of performance of my Debian desktops but was wondering whether 
> assigning multiple CPU cores and extra memory in a VBox cedes exclusive 
> full time control of those cores and memory to the VBox.  Nothing I can 
> find in the Oracle user information specifically says "No, it doesn't" 
> and the "user community " (sic) is all over the place on what it 
> believes.  I _have_ rejected the suggestion to burn dried sage in a dish 
> next to the PC case, though.

The top answer on the following page explains virtual cores well:

Assigning virtual cores does *not* give exclusive control of physical
cores to the guest.  RAM, on the other hand, should be guaranteed.

If you are serious about improving performance, do not use VirtualBox.
>From my experience, VirtualBox is considerably slower than the
alternatives, such as VMware and Xen.


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