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Re: [tlug] Linux Quiz: Call For Questions

Daniel A. Ramaley writes:
 > On 2014-04-28 at 19:58:49 Bruno Raoult wrote:
 > > I believe you are speaking about a special terminal. In no way ctrl-q
 > > is a standard for special input.
 > > It may be "Quit" sometimes :) On my Emacs, it is also different.
 > Good point. ctrl-q is specific to my shell, bash. If i run csh i can see 
 > that it behaves differently.

Actually, I suspect it's specific to your .bashrc. ;-)  The usual (I
hesitate to say "standard", but default in bash) quoting character in
POSIX shells is Ctrl-V, and Ctrl-Q is used for flow control (how
obsolete!)  All of these can be changed with stty, of course.

Quiz: How do you find out what these control characters are?

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