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Re: [tlug] [CFP] Call for presenters - May 10 Technical Meeting

On 2014年04月24日 15:13, 黒鉄章 wrote:
If only there was some way to make virtual server instances that could be
set with identical filesystem snapshots and spun up in seconds, each with
their own IP addresses so any number of challengers could login and begin
instantaneously ....

How about preparing a virtual machine that participants can run on their own hardware?

* free
* fewer security concerns
* no need for authentication
* easy to prepare
* participants can continue studying as long as they want

* a laptop with decent hardware (64-bit?, sufficient RAM) is required
* requires a bit more setup time

Simple challenges could be prepared in (ephemeral) containers using Docker, but I think that most (real-world) challenges would require a full Linux environment. All challenges can be prepared in the same virtual machine, and snapshots can be used to roll back to the start state when necessary.

I have half-a-dozen challenges lying around in my archives I could
contribute. And by "contribute" I mean write the readme/question file and
prepare the necessary materials like data files.

Sounds good!  I would be happy to help out as well!



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