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Re: [tlug] [CFP] Call for presenters - May 10 Technical Meeting

On 2014年04月21日 21:30, A.Tomita wrote:
our next Technical Meeting will be held on May 10 (Saturday) at IIJ.

if you are working on any personal or professional project, or just
have anything interesting you'd like to present, please let us know!

Would there be interest in doing a "Linux Quiz?" When I teach Linux, I prefer to do so using questions. When answers do not demonstrate a firm understanding of the topic, it provides a starting point for discussion. When the topic is well understood, I can ask a new question that is either more detailed or on a different topic. Questions generally start out easy and increase in depth/breadth depending on what I think would best help the student(s), based on their answers/discussion.

At a previous nomikai, Alberto expressed concern in our dwindling numbers in technical meetings. I propose this topic as a potential way to introduce more people to TLUG. Perhaps Michael could send invitations to Tokyo PC Users Group and Tokyo Hackerspace members, and others may have ideas for other people we can invite.

My idea is to make the quiz completely interactive. I can act as chairman, setting the direction and pace of questions and manning the projector. Everybody else should participate. Participants with less experience can expand their knowledge while participants with more experience can share their knowledge, hopefully making the quiz fun for people of all experience levels.

I think that such a quiz would go well with Kalin's presentation about command-line hacks, as both topics would likely be of interest to the same audience. Kalin: I am happy to collaborate if you want, and I am fine with going first or last. :)

If we decide to do this, then I will send a separate email to the list asking for potential questions. I will organize the contributed questions, but I will not be able to guarantee that they will be covered, as the quiz is interactive and limited by time.



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