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Re: [tlug] [CFP] Call for presenters - May 10 Technical Meeting

Hi Kalin,

On 2014年04月24日 13:59, Kalin KOZHUHAROV wrote:
Yes please!

I was thinking to include a small quiz as well, may be I can think of
the questions and send them to you (off-list).
Or do the small quiz as a warm-up to yours :-)
Think of some presents as well, worst case: some candy/chewing gum will do.

Thanks for your ideas and enthusiasm! :)

Since the "Linux Quiz" content is (likely) more general than what you will cover in your presentation, perhaps it would serve better as a warm-up. Doing a quiz at the end of your presentation would make the meeting even more cohesive! Even in this case, it would be great to collaborate in order to make them work well together.

If you would prefer to go first, however, then I would be happy including your quiz questions in the "Linux Quiz." Note that I will of course give attribution to all of the quiz questions.

The idea of prizes is interesting. I wonder if giving out prizes for answers would be counter-productive, as it might encourage participants with more experience to answer quickly instead of letting participants with less experience have a chance to answer (and then providing feedback). Prizes would be helpful in cases where nobody wants to speak up, but I do not think that will be a problem with an international group. ;)

If we want to give out prizes, perhaps we could get some from sponsors:
* 3,000 yen Conoha coupons from GMO?
* Member-price coupons from Tokyo Hackerspace?
* Stickers or other swag from various companies?

Perhaps we can simply give out prizes to all who participate?

I will email again this evening or tomorrow morning, after giving people more time to comment.



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