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Re: [tlug] IMEs in Mint?

> Because I had to do this in order use Ctrl+Space for toggling on my keyboard
> though: In the mozc option dialog[0]: General -> Keymap -> Customize, did you
> make sure that Ctrl+Space is not used by mozc?

Thanks for the hint [1]. I decided to also install a Chinese input
system [2], so I'm doing a more realistic test [3]. After some fiddling,
this is the Not-Quite-Ideal setup I now have:

 * Ctrl-Hankaku-Zenkaku (the key in top-left, next to ESC) switches
between Japanese and Chinese input. (I chose this key combination as it
doesn't seem to clash with anything...)

 * When in Japanese mode, hankaku-zenkaku key (without ctrl) toggles the
IME on/off. This is mozc config (part of the default settings).

So, if I am typing English, I press hankaku-zenkaku, to move into
Japanese. Then the same key to go back into English.

If I'm typing English and want to type Chinese, I press
Ctrl-Hankaku-Zenkaku to switch to the Chinese IME. Then the same
keypress to go back to mozc, which is still "off", so I'm in English.

If I'm typing Japanese then want to type Chinese, I press
Ctrl-Hankaku-Zenkaku to switch to the Chinese IME. Then if I now want to
type English, the same keypress takes me back to Japanese mode, then
Hankaku-Zenkaku to switch mozc off and get into English.

If you only want the more typical, and simpler, config of "either
English or Japanese", then the process was reasonably straightforward.
No need to configure anything, and the zenkaku-hankaku key as the toggle
is also the same as Windows, so will be familiar to most people.


[1]: BTW, yes, ctrl-space was (and still is) being used by mozc. It says
it is to insert a single-width space. However it doesn't work. (Both
space and shift-ctrl-space insert the zenkaku space, so that bit works.)

[2]: "Pinyin". Despite the name, input is in alphabet, output is in
hanzi. (Over in Ubuntu 10.04, I've another input system that gives me
pinyin output, i.e. with diacritics... not found that one on the new
machine yet.)

BTW, the ibus preferences offers absolutely loads of other IMEs.
However they don't seem to be working. E.g. I just tried all three of
the Russian choices, and all three silently fail. (Two of them just
typed in English, i.e. did nothing, the third "Rustrad", switches to
"pinyin" each time I select it.)
So I'm guessing I need to install packages for each IME I want to use
first, then select it., I just checked and the three packages I explicitly installed up
front were ibus-mozc, ibus-pinyin and ibus-table-rustrad. So I'm missing
something else.

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