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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu 13.10 clock problems (was: Ibus and Ubuntu based)

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 3:44 PM, Bruno Raoult <> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 6:52 AM, Lyle H Saxon <> wrote:
>> The issue was probably the files getting labeled as having been
>> modified (which they weren't).
> There are many (hot) discussions on this subject. As I use Unix/Linux
> for long time, I am comfortable with the fact than a copied file is
> considered as a new file (the way "cp" works). Some people don't
> agree.

Well, based on the word "modified", I would prefer a file not be
considered modified unless there has been some change.  Maybe someone
could/can change that to "generation" or something to indicate that
it's not the straight-from-the-camera-electronics generation of the
file.  If a file is opened in a photo viewing/editing application and
then re-saved, running the jpeg compression again, that's a real
modification, but I really don't think the term "modify" is at all
accurate for a digital file that is simply re-saved in a new location.

There really doesn't appear to be much respect for the fundamental
meaning of words with the current crop of young people.  And so we get
"mirror-less" to mean "interchangeable lens without pentaprism".  The
cheapest junk cameras made are mirror-less.  Only some marketing scum
with no respect for the language would gleefully inflict that term on
the world.  I don't consider the poor use of the term "modify" to mean
"changeless copy" in exactly the same light, but close....

> To avoid the issue, you should really use EXIF metadata information
> (what should do any picture management software), instead of
> filesystem information.
> And again, "exiftool '-DateTimeOriginal>FileModifyDate' dir" would
> likely solve your issue if you really want to have correct filesystem
> timestamp from EXIF data.

Yeah - well, I suppose the most convenient thing to do would be to
change the (nearly meaningless) file names generated by a camera into
a date and time so I don't have to worry about erratic behavior by
different software when moving pictures from one machine to another.
Is that what "exiftool '-DateTimeOriginal>FileModifyDate' dir" would
do for me?


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