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[tlug] Fwd: SYMPOSIUM> Humanities Studies in the Digital Age and the Role of Buddhist Studies, UTokyo 11/16-17

Charles Muller writes:

 > I know that the below will be of only tangential interest to most 
 > TLUGers, but I pass it along in case you might be hanging around in 
 > Bunkyo-ku next weekend with nothing to do...

Thanks for posting this!  In a different age I'd actually make an
effort to attent, but ...  I can't go on Sunday (I'll be translating a
ritual for an entirely different religion ;-) and almost certainly
won't be able to attend on Saturday either.   Still I'd really be
interested in hearing about your sessions and the sessions on TEI (one
of my favorite NPOs :-).

N.B. I'm only posting to the list because I'm annoyed at the
listmasters who still haven't learned that Reply-To Munging is
Considered Harmful.

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