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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu 13.10 clock problems


OK, you nailed it.

Others here have mentioned the file /etc/default/rcS and I remembered
on one of my machines, I took a backup of /etc before doing the
upgrade.  Indeed, /etc/default/rcS *did* change and after looking at
it more carefully, I remember all of my upgrades asked me to compare
my original file and the system provided one and to approve the
overwrite.  I guess I only looked at 2-3 files (not sure about you?),
but this was certainly one of them in all cases.

Yes, I also got this query, but didn't look carefully enough at the rcS file, and went along with the change in every case.

In /etc/default/, you probably have a rcS and a rcS.dpkg-old (guess
the /etc backup was unnecessary).  You can compare them; indeed, UTC
has changed from no to yes.

Yes, and when I restored the original file, the problem seems to have been resolved.

I suppose that if Debian/Ubuntu force this setting in the future, I will have to make my Windows use UTC.

Much thanks,


A. Charles Muller

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