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Re: [tlug] To Set This World On FIRE...

On 09/20/2013 09:58 PM, Edward Middleton wrote:
> Sorry, does it say anywhere that Linus admits to inserting a backdoor
> into Linux.  It seems thats whats being insinuated but I can't find
> anyone actually claiming that.
> It doesn't surprise me that someone would ask if Linus would be prepared
> to insert a backdoor into Linux, in fact I would be more surprised if
> they didn't.

Just realizing somebody in this world could be mad enough to approach
Linus (or Linux world for that matter) with such level of stupidity is
absolutely stunning to me.

I mean, please anybody out there knows how to insert some kernel code
that can't / won't be scrutinized? Because I want to learn how to do that...

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