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Re: [tlug] Kubuntu/Ubuntu - 3 Steps Forward, 2 Back

Wait!  I missed out on following pages!  The specific thing that
finally got it going was this:

"You need actually to click on the sign '>' in the '> Japanese' grey
submenu of 'Select an Input methods' to make Japanese-Anthy appear.
Clicking on 'Japanese' does not work "

In other words, while everything appeared to be grayed out, the thin
line > mark *was* clickable, and via that, Anthy could be selected.
Leading up that, some things had to be installed, but I stopped taking
notes to speed things up.  Anyway, this thread covers it pretty well -
my apologies saying that "solved" was lie.  I was only looking on the
first page and didn't notice there were more pages...:

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