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Re: [tlug] [completely off topic] WTF 7 year olds dog cremation question

Sorry to hear about your wife's dog.

I don't have any particular background on this (unless you count
16th-Century-style charcoal burning) but I googled it up because I
have a mind like a seven-year-old.

This person who claims to have worked at in the pet cremation business
reckons that if you've got black cremains (that's an actual word, I
checked) that indicates that they turned the furnace off early to save
money. That would fit with Attila's explanation that it didn't get hot
enough to burn off all the carbon.

I guess the more charitable way to phrase that would be that it would
be wasteful and bad for the environment to turn the heat up enough to
turn all the carbon into CO2.

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