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Re: [tlug] kickstarter for open source...

On 6/13/13 5:19 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

Since I'm pretty sure you'll complain about my intuition if I don't
explain, here's an explanation: creating a stupid game using a game
library may take only a few minutes (here I'm estimating an hour), but
Seriously? wow you have a very low opinion of game developers. Or a serious misunderstanding of how long games take to develop. I can sell a crud spam filter that is just an inane regex developed in hours. Gamers however (real gamers at least) have serious expectations.
attract 500 downloads at $1 each.  Creating a good spam filter is hard
Anyone have a problem with a comparison between a "stupid" game and a "good" spam filter?
work, requiring many hours (20 is surely an underestimate) of careful
attention to detail.  But doing it for Mailman is not going to attract
a lot of high price downloads because people who have spam problems
big enough to spend money on it will concentrate on spam-filtering at
the incoming MTA, not in Mailman.  Since Mailman is GPL, your product
has to be GPL too.  So you'll be lucky if you get 500 contributions of
$1 each; the people who will want to use this feature are almost all
I actually have 50$ out for a game that goes Beta later this year. Why, I saw some Alpha version game plays and the game looks interesting and it will be DRM free.
most interested in the price=0 side of "free software."  (I spend a
lot of time providing support on mailman-users.  This comes up a lot,
but never backed by a commitment of resources.  At best somebody
suggests to commit Google's resources, ie, a GSoC slot. :-( )
Both FLOSS and Proprietary cost for support. If you think support for Office out paces Open Office then thanks for the laugh. Same for Mail servers, I have spent huge hours supporting Exchange and Sendmail and in the end of the day at least Sendmail can be fixed Exchange has limitations and issues that are just shoganais.

The fact that *proprietary* stupid game wins big over *FLOSS* spam
filter is not entirely an accident, but with a little effort one could
Well in the end of the day, my spam filtering is good enough and I don't care for another. For games I can always use another. I still get a few hours sleep so there is room for another game ;-) Ask my daughter after we play another marathon round of Minecraft (wow I found something I can do with my 13 year old daughter that we both can enjoy, do your homework I will help just doesn't seem to keep her interest)

In the end of the day I see crowd funding as what the stock market was supposed to be, a way to raise money to do something. The stock market now is just a way to fleece those of us dumb enough to put money into it that are not multi millionaires or bankers. Crowd funding lets me throw my money away to someone who may actually make something fun or useful, without my 401K fund manager ripping me off coming and going, for his best guess.

Thank You

David Blomberg

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