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Re: [tlug] kickstarter for open source...

Am 08.06.13 09:24, schrieb Stephen J. Turnbull:
Ulrike Schmidt writes:

  >  The first time I put money into a crowd funding project was because I
  >  really liked this video project after I had seen the trailer and I
  >  wanted to support them and have the dvd. It was not because I had spare
  >  money.

In that sense, nobody has spare money.  Of course people "really like"
the projects.  Nevertheless, there are a *lot* of projects you will
hear about in your life, the rate of mention will increase over time,
and you will fund only a few of them.  The amount you actually fund is
the "spare money" I'm talking about.  It's somewhat elastic according
to your fondness for the projects, but not infinitely so.
I am funding all kind of projects in my daily live: the bakery next door for example. I have to make sure that I have enough spare change every day to keep on doing that.

The amount of software I buy has been changing in the last years. It used to be very few and expensive (Windows), changed to much at no cost (Linux) and has come to be quite an amount at comparatively little cost (Appstores). All due to the internet and its improvements. Also because of the internet I am hearing of more and more projects, quite independent of their funding.
  >  I do not think it is a market that gets staturated, but an alternative
  >  way to fund product development/other projects.

The meaning of "saturation" is that the funding source is not infinite.
Sure, but that applies to everything you fund on this planet for your own survival, be it before or after is has been produced. After it has been produced might be a more secure way of investment. Funding it before it is produced gives you possibly some influence on the endproduct or on the chances that what you want is produced at all.

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