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Re: [tlug] Recommendation for router with range

2013年 6月 3日(月)10:05 am に Jean-Christian Imbeault さんは書きました:

> But *worse* of all, you cannot flash the firmware with WW-DRT. You can't
> even flash with the official Buffalo US version of the management
> software.
> The Japanese routers seem to expect the firmware to be signed and they
> don't recognize the Buffalo US software not any version of DD-WRT I've
> tried to install.
> I'm still trying to find a workaround so I can get different management
> software on the router (DD-WRT, OpenWrt, etc.) but so far I haven't been
> able to get anything to flash.

Not sure about your particular model, but you can flash US firmware or
DD-WRT after changing some uboot environment variables. It can be done via
a serial link, but some devices seem to have a convenient backdoor.

More info (may brick your device, etc.):

(Maybe I should've been made it clearer: you *can* run DD/Open-WRT on some
Japanese models, but none (that I know of) ship with it).

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