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Re: [tlug] Recommendation for router with range

A quick follow-up to let people know how my new router is performing.

> > Anything with big antennas :) Buffalo have a few 'high power' models
> > seem to work well. Search for 'BUFFALO ハイパワー ' on Amazon. As a bonus,
> >  some of them can run DD-WRT :)
> Thank you for that recommendation Nikolay. I've just bought a WZR-450HP
and will try it out tonight. I didn't realize that some Buffalo routers run
DD-WRT as their stock configuration management tool!

The Buffalo WZR-450HP definitely had better range and I can now get a
signal in the basement. It's only 2-3 bars out of 5, but that's good enough
- and way better than the 0 bars I had before :)

One word of caution though. The Japanese version of this router comes with
a it's own management interface. It's not quite DD-WRT and it's definitely
lacking. For example it will let you do port forwarding but it won't let
you specify a destination port different from the incoming port.

But *worse* of all, you cannot flash the firmware with WW-DRT. You can't
even flash with the official Buffalo US version of the management software.
The Japanese routers seem to expect the firmware to be signed and they
don't recognize the Buffalo US software not any version of DD-WRT I've
tried to install.

I'm still trying to find a workaround so I can get different management
software on the router (DD-WRT, OpenWrt, etc.) but so far I haven't been
able to get anything to flash.


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