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Re: [tlug] Recommendation for router with range

Thank you to everyone for their suggestions. Running a long cable was my first choice but with a one year old in the house it wasn't really an option. She just pulls on any cable she finds. And I would have needed at least 50m to run it along walls/etc.

> You can also buy repeaters (aka, WiFi boosters, range extenders) that
> you can put midway. You can set it up to connect to your current WiFi
> and act as a bridge, so it will be pretty much invisible. Not sure how
> well that will work with a basement though.

I did try adding a repeater but it was a very frustrating experience. I tried two different repeaters and both had the same issue - they would lose their connection to the base station PC after 5 minutes, This makes me think there is an issue on the PC side - it's a mac mini. The first repeater I tried was a Buffalo and then I tried an Apple Airport Express. Both were easy to set up and both mysteriously lose their connection.

> Anything with big antennas :) Buffalo have a few 'high power' models that
> seem to work well. Search for 'BUFFALO ハイパワー ' on Amazon. As a bonus,
>  some of them can run DD-WRT :)

Thank you for that recommendation Nikolay. I've just bought a WZR-450HP and will try it out tonight. I didn't realize that some Buffalo routers run DD-WRT as their stock configuration management tool!


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