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Re: [tlug] [OT] Short-term cell phone access (SIM card, etc.)

2013年 5月 21日(火)3:24 pm に SCHWARTZ, Fernando G. さんは書きました:
> However, bear in mind that this service delivers mobile data speeds
> (300kbps) and they explicitly block a few key service ports like "VoIP".
> But naturally you can get around those port limitations if you know the
> drill (a.k.a. "port tunneling").

The 1GB prepaid one has no such restrictions. You can theoretically get
7 Mbps (or was it 14?) on the Docomo network.

BTW, for extensive coverage of mobile in Japan (in English) check out this
blog (formerly 'Softbank Sucks :) :

This post is about visitor SIM:

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