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Re: [tlug] Glad I've Found You!

Tomita-San, thanks for your reply.

On 05/07/2013 10:40 AM, A.Tomita wrote:
> and what happened to Mandriva, does it still exist?

Yes. Mandriva became "Mageia", #2 in distro popularity according to

Some reference can be found here:

>From my memorabilia box set from 1998, I know they ran into legal
troubles with the name "Mandrake" and were forced to changed it to
"Mandriva", with development partially based in Brazil, by the way.
Perhaps the inside story here is again legal trouble of some sort.

My notebook currently runs a spin off called "PCLinuxOS", also very
popular for its ease of use. Have tried many distros over the years and
they're certainly worth you attention.

By the way, I remember experimenting with "TurboLinux", a Japanese based
distro back in those days. Their website seems to be Japanese only these

Anybody out there would comment on "TurboLinux" usage for non-Japanese

> I missed it last year, but I'm planning to attend LinuxCon Japan at the end
> of this month.

I have commitments for this month at work. Regret very much that won't
be able to attend this year. But next year I will be certainly back.

> absolutely, let us know when you come, the beers are waiting :)

I love Japan so much. Being in Japan for me translates to crossing all
time zones back first. Stayed in Tokyo (Nishi-Shimbashi) for a month
last November gathering some information about international graduate
schools under a government sponsored program called "Global30".

In other words, I'm planning to spend some time living in Japan.

Arigato gozaimashita.


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