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Re: [tlug] Glad I've Found You!

On Mon, 06 May 2013 16:38:30 -0300
"SCHWARTZ, Fernando G." <> wrote:

> I still keep a " MANDRAKE " distro retail box of 6 CDs from 1998 or so.
and what happened to Mandriva, does it still exist?

> Attended three " LinuxCon " conferences so far, including one in Japan
> last year in Yokohama. 
I missed it last year, but I'm planning to attend LinuxCon Japan at the end
of this month.

> Experiencing Japan combined with Linux people is the absolute dream
> of my life! Please let's keep in touch in the meanwhile until my next
> stay in Tokyo coming up later this summer.
absolutely, let us know when you come, the beers are waiting :) 

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