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Re: [tlug] Is a power supplier under warranty?

> Quite frankly, few places in the world (Japan included) would give
> you a replacement after having used it since August.  Great if they
> offer it to you, but don't get your hopes up!  By then, it's hard to
> argue that it's a manufacture defect...  

What does "one year guarantee" mean then? :-)

I had a cheap toaster from Bic Camera. After a few months it stopped
working and I took it back to Bic, and got a replacement. When that one
broke, again after a few months, I took it back too, and this time got
my money back which I put towards a better quality toaster!

With a video camera, under a long-life guarantee, I remember they took
it away to be fixed, then said they couldn't, and gave us a new camera
(different model).


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