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Re: [tlug] Is a power supplier under warranty?

Hi Shmuel,

On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 10:16 PM, Shmuel Fomberg <> wrote:
> I brought last August a LED lamp from big camera, and now the line between the power supplier and the lamp broken.
> I still have the box and receipts. it appear to have some warranty, but I'm not sure the time span or if it covers the power supplier.

When you buy something from Bic Camera, most of the time, they do one
of two things (sometimes both).  If the item has a warranty inside the
box, they open it and stamp it.  Also, they sometimes give you a
receipt and a warranty after you paid.

Perhaps on one of these, there should be the terms of the warranty.

> Do you think that the supplier is still under warranty?
> If it is, should I just show up in the store and ask for replacement?
> If not, where is a good place to buy a replacement? Big camera? Akihabara?
> It is just a low-amp supplier with a long cable...

I suppose there is no harm in asking, but you can save yourself a trip
and them a headache if you skim through the warranty for anything that
looks like a duration.  e.g., "1 year", etc.

Quite frankly, few places in the world (Japan included) would give you
a replacement after having used it since August.  Great if they offer
it to you, but don't get your hopes up!  By then, it's hard to argue
that it's a manufacture defect...  But, if it is still within the
year, they may direct you to the manufacturer instead for you to
explain yourself.

I've never tried this myself, but I *think* in some cases, you have to
pay for shipping.  Not too sure...


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