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Re: [tlug] Generating Furigana in documents

On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 09:57:26PM +0900, Akira Kurogane wrote:
> That plugin (Itadaki) does seem have died circa 2008. The developer
> contacted me to get help applying the mecab library, but it just became a
> fork of my web browser extension that went nowhere :(
> If you can accept HTML as the document format, then I'd suggest my Furigana
> Injector plugin (the chrome version is maintained best) but it would
> require that you A) install unpacked source rather than just
> one-click-install so you can then B) alter the manifest to allow it work on
> 'file://*' URLs.

I will go with mecab/kakasi for now.
My usecase for this is:
as a japanese learner I have texts around with Kanji I can not
yet read.  Reading the text and having the same text (printed or as
pdf) with Furigana helps looking up the ones I do not know.

When I hit unknown Kanji on websites rikaichan/rikaisama
help to see the Furigana 'onthefly'.

Thanks for all the hints,

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