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Re: [tlug] <ot>Tech-consultants in Tokyo?</ot>

--- On Fri, 2/22/13, Shmuel Fomberg <> wrote:

>There is an old joke about a gentile asking a jew "why are you so >smart?"The jew: because we read the head of the sardine fish
>G: Can I have some?J: Here, I will sell one to you for 10$The gentile >eats the fish, and says, "wait a second, why did I had to pay 10$ for a >head of a simple fish?
>J: See, you are already smarter...

Thanks for the joke, there's a lot of wisdom there. The variation that I had heard is:
A Jew and a Pole are sitting together in a train compartment. The Jew is eating some apple seeds. After some time, the Pole becomes curious and asks the Jew, "Why are you eating apple seeds?"
The Jew replies, "Apple seeds make you smart!"
The Pole, even more curious, asks, "Are they for sale?"
The Jew answers, "Yes, of course, You can have these five apple seeds for five dollars only."
The Pole agrees to the deal and starts eating the seeds. Suddenly the Pole turns to the Jew and says, "Hey, you, listen, for five dollars I could have bought five kilos of apples!" The Jew turns to him with a satisfied smile and answers, "Now you see -- it has started working already!"

- Matthew

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