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[tlug] loosing menus and drag-n-drop after some time in remote X


I have been having this problem for quite some time in my systems, but
somhow I managed to work around it...

I often use Thunderbird from another PC, connecting via ssh with X
forwarding. After some time, it stops showing the menus, both at the
top and the context (right-click) ones...
No matter how many times i clik/right click nothing changes.
Drag-n-drop also doesn't work (I cannot grab a MSG to move to a
different folder).

Restarting Thunderbird solves the problem 100%. To reproduce, I need
to work between 1 min and 10 hours (sometimes it just works).
I don't remember a case of Thunderbird behaving this way when it is
run locally. It is often updated/recompiled as well as the rest of the
systems (Gentoo), but this problem stays may be for 6-10 months?
I haven't seen that in other applications, but I don't use others that often.

Any idea how that mouse/menu interaction works on low level?
What is the difference when an app runs on remote display?
How can I debug such interactions?


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