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[tlug] AMIs with open source pre-installed

A couple of questions about finding AMIs [1].

First, has anyone see any windows AMIs with cygwin installed, and
(ideally) sshd ready to go? And/or a WAMP stack installed?
(Actually, I've not quite got my head around Windows AMIs - how does it
work with licensing?)

Second, are there any linux AMIs with, say, a Gnome desktop already
set-up, so I can use some virtual desktop tool immediately?

(It need not be Amazon, the equivalent for Rackspace, Azure, etc. would
be just as useful to know. Also I'm open to Paid AMIs - configuring OSes
is time spent not doing "real" work.)




Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer (About me and my work) (My blogs and articles)

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