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Re: [tlug] Cleaning a badly cleaned laser printer

I wrote:
>> Bit more reading, and it seems the orange-thingy I cleaned maybe badly
>> is the fuser, not the drum.

Cleaning the fuser carefully with alcohol (actually video head cleaner),
seems to have fixed the "ink not staying on the paper" problem. Phew.

Michael wrote:
> I'm not entirely sure of your situation, but you could try printing 
> pages of all black then running the printed pages back into the printer 
> a few times.  The idea is that when reheated up by the fuser the loose 
> toner will gradually start to stick to the black blob on the paper.

I did the test print 2 or 3 times, then another clean of printer drum,
then test print a couple more times. On the last one the black dot
finally went. Thanks for the tip!


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