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Re: [tlug] Free/Paid SSH Japan

Pietro Zuco <> kirjoitti 16.3.2012 kello 8.53:

Hi all

I wonder if someone already asked this... I looking for a service similar to in Japan. I just need an SSH account in Japan with a fixed ip for testing, like traceroute/ping and so forth. I used mine at home, but now traveling around I don't have a Japanese connection anymore. Paid is also OK but I don't want to pay for a dedicated server just for that. As some of you maybe already know, SDF is free and for a reasonable one lifetime paid gives you more features. I know it's hard to find something similar, anyway thanks in advance for the help!

Hi Pietro,
Not sure about any public service just for shell. I wonder if there would be a business there ;-)

However, you still have an account on tlug. Ping me off-list for details.




- Pietro Zuco
- twitter: @pietrozuco

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