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Re: [tlug] AVI->MP4, How? (YouTube Problem)

On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 2:44 PM, Johan Berntsson <> wrote:
VLC can transcode. From the Media menu, choose Convert,Save... Then
select the file, push convert/save. mp4 is the default format, but you
can select many output formats and options.

I'm going to try that if I can.  I've got a really stupid problem though.  I'm trying to do this on Ubuntu (latest version is... 11.04?) and applications don't appear to have menus any longer.  I've getting very basic functionality out of things by right clicking on things and using the Control key a lot, but I haven't figured out how to get at the menus!  Right now I've got VLC running, but... no menus.  Okay - here goes:

[Ctrl]+[O] Select file
File starts to play
[Space bar]
Playback pauses
Box comes up... MP4! (Banzai!!)
Select file to convert, select output file name and location
... seems to be processing....
... processing finishes... and...

(!!!) Empty folder!
I don't know if that means it failed (the processing time seemed more like playback time than processing time, so I suspect it didn't work), or saved into some other location.

Let me poke around a bit....

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