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[tlug] JP domain transfer problems

Hi Henri,

Jason, CEO of here. 
Do you have a ticket number I can can escalate for you?


Begin forwarded message:

差出人: Henri Servomaa <>
件名: [tlug] JP domain transfer problems
日時: 2012年3月14日 11:08:36 JST
返信先: Tokyo Linux Users Group <>

Hello folks,

I'm trying to yield a .jp domain to another party, but not being successfull.

So far:
- receiving party starts transfer request process on their side  (
- I receive an email with a link to a domain transfer acknowledge form  (
- I acknowledge the transfer
- A few days pass and the receiver gets a "transfer denied" notice

Tracking down, the denial is coming from the registrar after my approval.
I've followed up with, our registration middleman but they've not really provided any answers so far.

I guess some sort of paperwork or info is missing somewhere along this.

Any advice mucho appreciated! 

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