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Re: [tlug] You guys okay

On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 1:36 PM, Josh Glover <> wrote:
> 2012/3/15 Raymond Wan <>:
>> for the average person since you often want to know what was actually
>> felt and not what was at the epicenter.
> Indeed. You may already know about this page, but it is really great
> after a quake to be pretty sure your friends and family are OK:

Thanks!  Actually, I've been getting my earthquake information from
Yahoo Japan Weather for several years.  Not sure why or if I should be
embarrassed by this.  :-)

Going to JMA (which is perhaps where they get their information)
sounds like a better idea.  Thanks!

Incidentally, I know of someone who did research on earthquakes in
Japan and it seems the 3/11 earthquake damaged many of the detectors
(or just washed them away).  (I presume it is the ones JMA uses...who
knows how many Japanese government organizations have their own
detectors just because they don't like sharing :-) ).

It's good that they brought them back on-line.  While debate continues
about what went wrong that day with the information flow, we knew the
Shindo value for my neighborhood within minutes [*].


[*]  Aside:  IMHO, the other thing that went well which I'm not sure
if anyone else here noticed is that in times of crisis, phone calls
via Japanese pay phones are free.  (Of course, getting through is
another matter...)  In other countries, the NTT-equivalent would have
doubled the price.  :-)

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