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Re: [tlug] JP domain transfer problems

Francois Cartegnie <> kirjoitti 14.3.2012 kello 20.18:
> Le 14/03/2012 03:08, Henri Servomaa a écrit :
>> I guess some sort of paperwork or info is missing somewhere along this.
> Check your whois information.
> - Status must not be: CLIENT-TRANSFER-PROHIBITED
> Some registrars use this locking mechanism. Otherwise, unlock it.
> Sometimes it's even not shown in whois info :/
> - The whois info must not be cloacked.
> - Other reasons might be related to a too recent registration date, or a
> too close expiration. (see registrar policy)

Hi Francois,
Thanks for the suggestions.
The whois part looks all ok, I guess there's something in the registrar policy that
I'n not aware, and that isn't telling me..



> Francois
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