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Re: [tlug] Files from Linux to EC2 Windows

On 2012-03-13 13:40, Darren Cook wrote:
> But when running windows on EC2, how do I get files on to the C drive,
> from linux. Is there some trick I'm missing? There are three cases I
> deal with:

Do you have IIS installed?  You could use its WebDAV server.  (There are
a variety of clients available and there is a cute FUSE thing that will
make it look filesystem-ish.)

> Surely there is some more direct scp-like solution? I wonder if there is
> something involving S3 that I'm missing. (And/or Rackspace Cloud Files,
> for the Rackspace case.)

You could run Cyberduck (or your favorite S3 client) on Windows and pull
from S3... but that doesn't sound "direct."

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