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[tlug] Files from Linux to EC2 Windows

To get files from linux to a linux instance running on Amazon EC2 or
Rackspace linux is easy: just use SCP.

But when running windows on EC2, how do I get files on to the C drive,
from linux. Is there some trick I'm missing? There are three cases I
deal with:
 1. From my Ubuntu desktop. I'm using rdesktop with no problems, but
there seems no file transfer ability.

 2. From an SSH session on a remote linux server.

 3. From an SSH session on a remote windows server, running cygwin, with
a wamp server, etc.

In all three cases my current solution is to put the file on a web
server, and use IE on the windows desktop to fetch the file. I've spoken
to someone else, based on Windows, who uses a browser-based file sharing
service; so the same idea.

Surely there is some more direct scp-like solution? I wonder if there is
something involving S3 that I'm missing. (And/or Rackspace Cloud Files,
for the Rackspace case.)



P.S. I want to avoid installing cygwin, to get ssh, if at all possible.
In our experience it is quite a lot of work to install and maintain.

Darren Cook, Software Researcher/Developer (About me and my work) (My blogs and articles)

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